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Pole Barns

The low cost, custom alternative to a garage

Need a Garage? Consider a Pole Barn in Akron, Ohio

Adding a garage or outbuilding on your property usually means time and money spent on grading and leveling the ground, and pouring a footer. A Pole barn from Fence Enterprises Inc. is a great low-cost alternative to traditional construction. In fact, there are several advantages you should be aware of if you are considering a pole barn in Akron, Ohio.

The biggest cost-savings of a pole building over a traditional stud wall structure is related to the foundation upon which it is built. A pole building does not need level ground, so a less than optimum piece of property is acceptable to erect a pole barn without spending time leveling it. Also, the only foundation needed is the concrete to set each pole, a big savings in time and material.

The actual construction of a pole barn does not require the framing used in a traditional stick structure. You will realize a savings in lumber materials, but you give up nothing in integrity. Less framing means less stress on the weight-bearing poles, so even a large pole barn can stand up to snow fall. We’re experts on the wild weather of Northeast Ohio, so we build our pole barns with framing appropriate to withstand whatever wind and snowfall is churned up by Lake Erie.

At Fence Enterprises, we custom design and build all our pole buildings. We can construct a size, complete with concrete slab floor, suitable for your application. Less framing does not mean reduced square footage.

Our professionals understand that you are looking for quality and functionality, while staying within your budget. We can design your pole barn to look like a traditional garage or outbuilding. Ask us how we can help with insulation as well so that you get maximum use of your pole building.

We use only top quality materials and installation techniques in designing and building your pole barn. Call today to learn how you can have maximum storage space on a budget.

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